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The Three Kali's

NEW!  Big change in the story and the book.  Please read the new preface below.

This is a story about three young beautiful women/girls named Kali Anne Crushing.  The three Kali’s each live in their own alternate universe but two of them start meeting in their dreams, and talk about opposites.  Then later with the help from otherworldly forces that be they all collide with each other.  The first Kali is twenty five and we’ll call her ‘Sweet Kali’.  The second Kali is nineteen and we’ll call her ‘Promiscuous Kali’.  The third Kali, the favorite, is a sixteen year old little genius with a one hundred and eighty-eight IQ and we’ll call her ‘Adorable Kali’.  There is also a fourth Kali, Dr. Kali who is introduced a third of the way into the story.  There is a fifth Kali that lives in a, I’ll just call it a hidden universe for right now.  She does something to herself that traumatically affects two of the Kali’s.  Now it’s up to the third Kali with the help of an otherworldly spirit character to fix what was made to be wrong.  And who is behind it all.  I’ll just say he is the opposite of God, yes it’s Satan and thanks to the sixteen year old little genius Kali and her girlfriend Madison, they keep one step ahead of Satan who is only trying to spite God by messing with his beloved Kali’s.


But that’s just the beginning of their dilemma.  Satan is as a joke when compared to this true vile evilness.  This is the most powerful evil force in all the universes out there, even more powerful than Satan.  And what Satan is doing to the four Kali’s is child’s play compared to what malevolent wickedness this evil one has in store for them.  Well three of them, she is certainly not going to hurt herself.  Who is she?  Enter, Mistress Kali who is little genius Kali’s future self here only to meet her evil nature and watch as she herself turns into this wicked vile version of herself only to cause inevitable destructiveness.  This part of the story finally culminates in what I call ‘Annihilation Day’, with this new evil sadistic Kali killing Madison, the woman she truly loves, in the most horrifying way possible as she does ghastly and wicked things to Madison’s body and tortures her to death in a most vile, horrific and gruesome sickening possible manner.  A manner that you couldn’t possibly ever even imagine.  Oh, and I’m not spoiling anything.  It is known throughout that part of the book that this is going to happen long before it actually happens.  What happens after that?  More killing leading up to a killing of a friend that is so vile that you could not even ever fathom it.  And then there is still much more to come, but it is drama, humor and twists, the darkness is truly over.  Oh, and keep in mind that in each alternate reality, laws, rules and customs could differ.


What happened was that about halfway through my 3rd book, I started thinking about the first real book I read when I was fifteen.  That book was Jaws.  It was written in three different parts (they cut out section two for the movie).  I decided to do the same thing with my three books and make them all parts of one book as I realized they all really went together as they were actually the three parts of the one story, ‘When Kali's Collide’.  Those three parts are, ‘Part One - Kali, Meet Kali’, ‘Part Two - The Evil Of Kali’ and ‘Part Three - The Shortfall Of Kali’s Love’.  And one hell of a story it is.  I promise, you will enjoy my novel.

You can click on the "New - The Evil Of Kali" button at the top right of this page to see some of what's new in and about this new edition which will be out shortly.  Well, enjoy the pictures from the story and the sneak preview scenes below.  Oh, and see a little something at the bottom of this page from a brand new story I just began.  It's currently called 'The Haunting Of Kali And Madison'.

We'll Start With Sweet Kali (Kali One)

College Professor Kali Anne Crushing.jpg

            Science College Professor Kali Anne Crushing

Once upon a time in time and in space there existed an infinite number of alternate universes in something called the multiverse.  For every decision or choice that could have ever been made an alternate reality was created.  This is the story about how in one alternate universe the forces that be paired Louis up with his one and only actual soul mate in life.  Her name is Kali Anne Crushing and she is his science/physics college professor, and this is their story.

Kali At Her Door In The School Hallway.jpg

   Kali At Her Class Room Door In The School Hallway

Kali was wearing a beautiful and sexy strapless and sleeveless above the knee black dress.  “Wow” Louis said “I’ve never seen you dress like that.  Will it be ok for you to wear that at school?”  “It’ll be fine this one time, besides everybody that works there loves me.  I’m just so happy today."

At school Professor Crushing was getting compliments from everyone.  In her heart she absolutely loved it.  Even the dean complimented Kali that morning.

Kali In The Kitchen.jpg

Kali Sitting on the Kitchen Counter in the Morning Waiting for Louis to Get Up

The next morning Louis got up and went into the kitchen.  Kali was sitting on the counter wearing a little apron and with a spatula in her hand and her adorable legs crossed.  She smiled at me and asked, “Are ya hungry?”  “Good morning and yes,” Louis answered.  “Good,” Kali said “Because I have huevos rancheros keeping warm in the oven.”  Kali bounced off the counter to get me some and her apron flew up.  “Wearing anything under that apron sweetie?” Louis asked.  “Of course I am,” Kali said and started singing and dancing and fixing plates “Little white shorty shorts, little white short shorts.”

Kali At Her Desk In Her New Dress.jpg
(1) Luigi's Restaurant.jpg

                               Kali At Her Desk In Her New Dress

“Ok class, before we get started are there any questions?”  Four boys hands went up instantly.  Kali already new what they were probably going to say.  She called on one and he said “Professor, I always thought you were a seven or eight but I was wrong, you’re definitely a ten.”  Some of the other guys started laughing.  “Well” Kali said “That’s very sweet of you but I meant questions about today’s class.  Any other questions, and not about how I look?”  One boys hand remained so Kali called on him, skeptically.  He said “So who’s the lucky guy.”  One of the guys said “She said questions about the class you moron.”  “What” the guy defended himself “I only meant that she must have met someone.”  Kali smiled and thought “This is freaking unbelievable.”  “Ok” Kali said loudly “That’s enough you guys, you’re not in high school anymore” and everybody settled down.  “I apologize to you ladies for all of this” Kali stated and then they continued with class.  Inside her heart Kali was just so freaking happy.  She had never felt like this before.

                                             Luigi's Restaurant

The following evening Kali and Louis were on their way to his parents restaurant.  As she pulled in Kali asked “Who’s white classic Corvette is that parked right up in front?”  “That would be mine” Louis answered “My twenty-first birthday present.  Ever since I was sixteen I had dreamed about a 1977 white Corvette with a beige interior”.  “What?” Kali asked “Well why is it here?”  “You know, the whole mafia thing.  It just bothered me” Louis answered.  “Wow” Kali said “It’s beautiful”.

(2) Dad The Bartender.jpg

                                               Dad The Bartender


Kali and Louis walked into the restaurant where they saw Louis' dad behind the bar talking with customers.  When he caught sight of Louis ans Kali, he rushed out from behind the bar saying, "Hey manega' you must be Kali," and he gave her a big hug.  "Hey scubafrascas', this is my boys beautiful girl Kali."  They smiled and saluted their drinks to her.  "Hey come on, andiamo let's go," dad said.  I take you to your mother and then I get dressed for dinner," so they followed him back.

(3) Grandpa From Morro Bay, Uncle Tony & Grandma Mama.jpg

Grandpa From Morro Bay, Uncle Tony & Grandma Mama


Louis' mom introduced Kali, “This is Louis’ grandfather Luigi and his uncle Tony.”  Toni smiled and said “Ciao.”  Then Luigi got up and gave Kali a big hug, “Kali, mio dio you are a so beautiful.  I see you on the TV yesterday in thosa’ shorty pants.  È bellissimo, così bello e sexy, and funny too.”  “He said you looked so beautiful and sexy, and I thought you were funny too,” Louis said.  “Ok, down pop,” and Luigi sat back down.  Kali smiled at Luigi and said “Grazie.”  “And this is Louis’ grandmother Lucia,” mom said.  “Sei così bella” Lucia said”.  My mom translated, “She said you are so beautiful.”  “Grazie” Kali said.”  “Scusa Angelina” grandpa Luigi called out “Per cortesia get a me and Tony more wine and champagne for Lucia?”  “Coming right up,” Angelina answered.  “Don’t tell me you didn’t have a little crush on the hot waitress Angelina,” Kali said.  “We all did at one time or another,” Louis answered.

(4) Dad, Mom, Kali & Me Having Dinner At Luigi's.jpg

Dad, Mom, Kali & Me Having Dinner At Luigi's


Then we started in on our antipasto and dad asked “So Kali, what you teach at the college?”  “I'm a science and physics professor” Kali answered.  “Sì the professor, and you also on that TV news show?” dad asked.  “Yes” Kali answered “I only work half a day on Saturday and they pay me the same as my teacher’s salary”.  “When I saw you on the TV yesterday I said my boy did a good” dad said “He is so lucky to have such beautiful and smart lady”.  “So” mom said “Louis tells us you're going to Italy together”.  “Yes” Kali said “Next week”.  “You know” dad said “Is a very romantic place to get married”.  “Dad…” Louis started but Kali cut him off “Yes, it definitely is.  So what's for dinner?”

Kali At Her TV Studio Getting Ready For Her Show.jpg

Kali At Her TV Studio Getting Ready For Her Show


Louis went down to the TV studio to see her just before her show and he saw that they were doing her all up in her black leather jacket and some really short shorts.  I mean, she looked mind boggling stunning with those gorgeous legs of hers.  Louis walked up to her and said “Excuse me miss, aren’t you the star of ‘Kali’s Opinion On…’?  Can I please have your autograph?”  The guy helping her started to warn “I’m sorry but…”  Kali interrupted him “It’s ok, he’s mine.”  Kali laughed and then smiled at me “What-chya’ want silly?”

Kali Doing Her Live TV Outdoor Interview.jpg

Kali Doing Her Live TV Outdoor Interview


“Don’t they usually have you wear some nice dress on the show?” Louis asked.  Kali answered “We’re going out in public today and talking to people live and they wanted me to wear something, well hot.  A lot of women wouldn’t like that but I do, I mean if you’re hot, you’re hot.  Oh God, does that bother you?”  “Oh hell no” Louis said “I mean, as long as you’re mine everyone else can just drool looking at you all they want."  "Look sweetie," Kali said, "I have to go and interview some people and well, show off my legs.  I’m really looking forward to doing this.  I’ll see you tonight though, ok sweetie bye-bye.”

View Of Naples From Kali And Louis' Hotel Window.jpg

Louis and Kali’s View of The Bay of Naples From Their Hotel Window


“Oh my God!” Kali exclaimed, “Look at that incredible view of the bay!”  Then Louis said “I thought there were no rooms available with a view for almost a year.”  “That’s what they said,” Kali said, “So how did we…"  And then Kali laughed saying, "Your parents, huh.  Man, they must really have some good connections.”  “Oh yea,” Louis said.

Louis And Kali's House In Naples Italy.jpg

Louis' Parents Gave Louis and Kali a Million Dollars So They Bought A House in Naples


Louis and Kali walked out to their backyard and it was so beautiful.  “Our own private little beach,” Louis said.  “When we get back we’ll meet with my dad on home owners insurance and also a special deal in frequent flight rates for the two of us now that we own a home in Italy.”  “Then we’ll be coming back often?” Kali asked.  “At least every other month,” Louis answered.

Kali On The News.jpg

“Get ready!  Ok Kali, first man up.”  “Good evening sir.  So what did you have to say about that win?” Kali asked.  “If I answer can I touch your legs” he smirked.  “Only if you drop your pants and let me touch your legs first.  Next” Kali said.  You could hear Kyle laughing.  “Ok sir, so what did you think of tonight’s win?”  “Shit yea” he said.  “Shit yea” Kali said “See now they’re gonna have to bleep both of us.”  The whole crew laughed.  “Send me some intelligence!” Kali yelled.  “How about you sir?”  “Intelligently coached and one remarkably played game” he said.  “Our first real answer” Kali said.  And Kali continued on with a very entertaining show.


When Kali got home she was in such a good mood “Today went so great” Kali bragged to Louis “I was absolutely brilliant.”  “I know” Louis said “I was watching, you were funny as hell.”  Kali went on “Really, you think so.  I asked so many interesting questions and got off so many good lines.  In fact, I’m in such a freaking good mood I’m gonna take you into the bedroom and have my way with you.”

Kali In Her White Wedding See Through Dress.gif

               Louis and Kali Had Already Decided to get Married in Italy


They took Kali and Louis into a back little chaplet like room and there was Louis’ mom and dad waiting for them.  “Mom, dad,” Louis said.  “You came,” and they all hugged each other.  Then dad said, “You think I miss my only son to get married.”  Kali said “I’ve got to go put on my dress.”  “I’ll come with you,” mom said.  “You are the lucky son,” dad said.  “Kali is wonderful and beautiful woman.”  When the girls got back Kali looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress.  “Wait until you see what is underneath,” mom said to Louis.  “Kali’s naked body?” Louis said.  “No, no,” mom said, “Underneath see through veil”.  “That’s just it mom” Louis said “It’s a see through veil so I can already see the mini wedding dress.  Wow, that is really mini.”  “But when veil come off, you really see,” mom said.  “I know mom,” Louis smiled and said “I’m just messing with you.”


Just then the justice of the peace come out “Buongiorno” he said.  We’re not gonna bore anyone with the details of the nuptials but at the end the justice of the peace said “I now pronounce you husband and wife.  You may now kiss bride” and Louis and Kali kissed.

The next morning they got cleaned up and went to a small breakfast café just down the street.  “My eggs ‘Mamada Sodida’ are great,” Louis said.  “Your what?” Kali asked.  “My eggs ‘Mamada Sodida’, I like giving Italian things funny Napolitano slang names and bad words,” Louis answered.  “‘Mamada Sodida’ means ‘Mama’ and ‘Sister’”.  “How’s that funny?” Kali asked.  “My dad,” Louis explained, “Used all this Italian slang when I was a kid and I thought it was funny.  It didn’t matter what it meant, it just sounded funny”.  “You Italians are weird” Kali said “But I love Italians because they made it possible for you to exist.  Oh and by the way “Mama’ and ‘Sister’ are not bad words.”  “No,” Louis said, “But your eggs ‘Catso Sodida’ are.”  “I’m not even gonna ask,” Kali said.


After breakfast they were sitting outside the small café.  Kali was sitting out there with her gorgeous sexy legs crossed.  Louis asked her, “Kali, I’ve noticed you’ve been wearing a lot of mini skirts and short shorts.”  “What, you don’t approve,” she came back.  “On the contrary, I love it,” Louis said “It’s just that before we were together you didn’t dress like this.  Did I influence you in some way?”  “Yes you did,” Kali answered.  “You made me realize how freaking lucky I am to have a nice body like this and that I should show it off while I can.”  “Well I agree,” Louis said, “And I’m glad you see it that way.  I hope you’re not picking up my cursing habits as well though.”  “No,” Kali said, “You know I don’t like to curse.  Just once in a while I’ll pop one off.”  “Good” Louis said “I’m getting used to not cursing around you and it feels good.  Now, once in a while I’ll probably pop one off as you say but I like the non vulgar-ness between us”.  Then Kali said “I really and truly do love you Louis A Cerbo with all of my heart.”

Kali Looking Hot At The Coliseum In Rome.jpg

                                                     Kali Looks Hot in front of The Roman Colosseum


It was a brand new day in Italy and Kali and Louis were off sight seeing in Rome.  They were leaving a restaurant when Louis took a picture, and like they say “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  Kali hiked up her skirt a little in the back to show a little ass and posed for Louis.  Kali is the only woman Louis ever knew that brings a mini wardrobe with her when they go out.  Kali said “I need to change.”  “Which one are you putting on?” Louis asked.  “The white one,” she answered.  “Oh,” Louis teased, “The one with two BAND-AIDS for a top.”  “If you don’t like it mister you don’t have to look,” Kali snapped back.  “Relax sweetheart, I was just teasing,” Louis told her.  “I love everything you wear.  Now go, change.”  They saw a lot of beautiful sites climaxing with the Roman Colosseum and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.


When They got to their hotel, one of their neighbors girlfriends was just closing his door.  Before she closed it they could see him naked with another girl.  “What is it about Italian men?” Kali asked.  “Are they all this freaking horny all the time?”  “Well,” Louis answered, “Italian men really like women.”  “Unless they’re gay,” Kali said.  “No,” Louis replied, “They don’t make gay Italians.”  “You mean they’re all straight,” Kali said and laughed.  “Well,” Louis replied, “There was one once, but they killed him.”  Kali laughed even harder and said, “C’mon, let’s go into our room.  After they got inside Kali said, “Good news for you.  Since you were so understanding today, you get to make love to me.  Now let’s go get naked.”  And Kali took Louis into the bedroom to have their fun.

It was going to be a beautiful day in Italy so it would be equally as such in beautiful Paris, which is where Kali and Louis were headed.  “I can’t believe we’re gonna see the Eiffel Tower,” Kali excitedly said.  “I can’t believe the stunt you want to pull,” Louis said.  “What’s gotten into you lately?”  “Europe,” Kali said with a huge smile on her face.  “Is a normal, I see all the time,” their driver Mario said.  “Italy and France are two sexiest places in world.  You wife, she just really happy and excite.”  “I know,” Louis said, “And I’m really happy for her, she’s just so different.”  Kali, still with a big smile winked at me.


Thirteen and a half hours and about a thousand miles later they were finally there.  They left Naples at 9:00 PM last night, slept some on the way, so it was late morning in Paris.  They had been able to see the Eiffel Tower for a while now.  Kali was bouncing all over the place she was so excited saying “Do you realize where we are?  The city of love and we are gonna love each other something pleasurable later.”  “You’re crazy,” Louis said.  “But, that’s why I love you so much.”  “You want to do, how you say, stunt?” Mario asked.  “Oh yea,” Kali said, “I just need to change”.  And she brought up the privacy wall.  She was going to wear high healed short black boots, tight black shorts showing half her ass and a strapless backless black top that from the back made her look topless.


“We here,” Mario said over the intercom, so Kali brought down the privacy wall and when Mario saw Kali and exclaimed “Come bella!”  “You’ve acquired a really nice tan since we’ve been here,” Louis told Kali.  “Thank you,” Kali said, “What did Mario say?”  “He said ‘How beautiful’,” Louis answered her.  “Thank you Mario,” Kali said.  “Ma sure,” he responded.  “Oh Louie, I’m nervous,” Kali said.  “I mean what was I thinking.  I’m Kali, a college professor.”  “Do you want to call it off?” Louis asked.  Kali thought for a moment and then said, “No.  Alternate Kali is very promiscuous.  I can at least be a little daring.  I would always regret it.  I mean, how many times are we gonna be here.”  “So that’s what’s gotten into you, alternate Kali?” Louis asked.  Then Kali said, “I guess so, a little.  I mean, she is a version of me.  Ok, I’ve positioned the video camera here, and you, you take pictures non stop from the moment I step out of this car up until I get back.  Ok, I’m gonna do this,” and Kali got out of the car and ran like hell.  I started snapping pictures and oh my God Kali looked breathtaking.


Louis just kept taking pictures as Kali posed.  “You wife, no offense intend,” Mario said, “She is one of most beautiful woman I ever see.”  “That she is,” Louis replied.  Then after about thirty seconds of posing, Kali started running back.  Then as she ran her top just popped off.  Louis just kept taking pictures as Mario said “Oh mio Dio, così perfezione”.  Kali just left the top and kept running.  “Oh my God” Louis laughed “This is just to God damn funny.”  At first she tried to hide her bare breasts, but then it was like she said “Aw, fuck it,” and just ran like hell.  I was still taking pictures but laughing my God damn ass off.  Mario ran out, averting his eyes, to get Kali’s top.  When she got to the car she jumped in and on top of Louis and they both rolled around holding each other and laughing their asses off.  Mario got back and said “Here a you top…  Oh, you still wear no top”.  Kali still laughing said “That’s ok Mario, you already saw them.  So, what do you think of them,” and started laughing even harder.  Mario laughed too and said something in Italian.  Then Louis said still laughing said, “He said ‘Oh my God, such perfection’”.  Still giggling Kali said “Aw, thank you again Mario.”  “Ma sure,” Mario said.  “Let’s go,” Louis said.  Mario brought up the privacy wall so Kali could change.

Kali Pulling Her Stunt At The Eiffel Tower.jpg
At A French Cafe In Paris Kali Tries To Look French.jpg
At The French Cafe Our Hot Sexy French Waitress.jpg

Kali and Louis walked down the Paris street and stopped at a little outdoor café.  Kali had on a cute French beret to look less like a tourist.  A waitress came over wearing a smile and a pretty sexy uniform and spoke to them in English.  So much for the beret.  Then Kali answered her back in French.  The waitress said “Ah, your French, it is very good.”  Kali said, “Merci beacoup”.  “Ok” Louis said “Now your just showing off.  We just drove over thirteen hours from Naples.”  “Ah,” the waitress said, “You are Italian”.  “Yes,” Louis said, “American Italian”.  And they spoke back and forth in Italian.  Louis’ turn to show off a little.  Then she took their order and just before she left she said “I know you will make comment on my uniform and you are such cute couple, but they make us wear”.  “Well, if you’ve got it,” Kali said, “I’ll bet you make great tips”.  “About eighty thousand of your dollars in year,” the waitress said”.  “Oh my God,” Kali said, and then they talked back and forth in French for a couple minutes.  They were laughing so it must have been about something funny.  And then the waitress left.


“You never told me you spoke French,” Louis said.  “You never asked,” Kali said.  “No really, I just wanted to surprise you.”  “Well it’ll really come in handy over here,” Louis said.  “So, what were you two talking about”  “Oh” Kali said “I told all about what happened at the Eiffel Tower today.”  “And what did she say?” Louis asked.  “She just laughed and said ‘Crazy Americans’,” Kali answered “I told her that is something we will never forget.”  “Hey” Louis said “When the waitress comes back ask her in French if she’s single.”  Kali crumpled up her napkin and threw it at Louis.  And the waitress was back to refill our coffee.  Kali said something to her in French.  The waitress laughed and said something back and then she left.  “You didn’t?” Louis asked.  Kali said, “Be careful what you ask for.  I just told her what you jokingly told me to ask her”.  “Yea,” Louis said, “I thought one of her words in there sounded like idiot.”  “Actually,” Kali said, “She said she loves a sense of humor and that I was very lucky.  She also may have mentioned something about you being very handsome, I don’t know.”  Louis looked at Kali and said “I love you.”  Kali said back, “And I love you,” and they kissed.

Louis and Kali got to the upper floor of the Eiffel Tower and entered the restaurant and Louis said, “We’ll never get in.”  And Kali said, “Don’t you know who you’re married to, watch and learn.”  They walked up to the maitre d' and Kali said to him “Deux s'il vous plaît.”  He said, “I am sorry, we are booked solid.”  Kali said, “Are you sure?”  And she took his hand and put what would be equal to a hundred dollars in it and he said, “Right this way Mademoiselle,” and he took them to a table by the window where they could see all the lights of the city of Paris.  “Merci beaucoup,” Kali said and they sat down.  “What just happened?” Louis asked.  “I slipped him a hundred dollars,” Kali answered.  “A hundred dollars!” Louis exclaimed.  “That’s probably what our dinner will cost.”  “Oh, not even close,” Kali said.  “That’s about half of what the Dom Perignon champagne will cost.”  “What!” Louis exclaimed.  “Are you insane!”  “No, just rich,” Kali said.  “Not for long if you keep spending money like this,” Louis told her.  “Did I marry a cheapskate?” Kali asked.  “Because I’ve seen that your parents and even your grandparents aren’t cheapskates.”


And the waiter was there and Kali quickly said, “I will be ordering for us, not the cheapskate,” and then she ordered in French.  Then she said in English, “Take good care of us, I’m planning on leaving you a fifty percent tip, and that includes the Dom Perignon.”  “Very good Mademoiselle,” the waiter said.  “I am not a cheapskate,” Louis stated.  “I know you’re not, so then what is it?” Kali asked.  “I’m supposed to be the man but you’re spending all the money,” Louis replied.  “It’s our money,” Kali said.  “We’re married now.  Here,” and she handed Louis a card, “Be the man.  That stuff you signed at the bank, you’re on my account.  That’s your card.  It’s our money.”  “Aren’t you worried that I’ll go crazy with it,” Louis asked.  “No,” Kali said, “And I really don’t care.  You’d only be going crazy with your own money.  You’re my husband and I love you, but just try to have some fun.”  “By the way,” Louis asked, “What did you order for us?”  “Filet mignon and lobster, with Roquefort salads and oysters on the half shell for our appetizer, which is now coming our way,” Kali said as the waiter placed the oysters and the salads on the table.  “Sweet,” Louis said.  "You know, oysters are an aphrodisiac.  They can make you horny."  "I know," Kali said.  "Why do you think I ordered them"  "Well, they also taste really good," Louis said.  “But also, I thought you didn’t like Roquefort dressing.”  “I don’t like blue cheese dressing," Kali said.  "I’ve never tried Roquefort.”  The waiter then said, “I had chef add extra oysters for you Monsieur and Mademoiselle.”  “Merci beaucoup,” Kali said.  “Je vous remercie,” the waiter replied.  “Well, let’s have at it,” Louis said.  “You’re such a guy,” Kali said.

At The French Restaurant Kali With Louis In France.jpg

After dinner they went up to the floor with the see through bottom and, oh my God, what a spectacular and breathtaking view.  Then Louis started to freak because of his fear of heights so they left.  When they got back to their hotel room, Kali just pushed Louis down on the bed and said, “Now come and make love to your horny new oyster bride.”

Louis came out from the kitchen eating a breakfast burrito and found Kali laying on the couch and she said, “I never thought I’d own a house in Italy.  That looks good.  Can I have a bite?”  Louis handed the breakfast burrito to her and then she went on, “You know I was thinking, it’s barely eight AM.  Now you know how fast I do things, like pack.  We have ten hours until our flight.  Do you think we can take maybe just a smidgen of that time and go to the beach and that small restaurant I’ve been wanting to try.  Besides I never wore my favorite bikini, you know the one with the cherries and blue berries on it.”  “I’ll call Mario,” Louis said.


They got out of the car and walked towards the water.  Kali took off her bikini wrap by the little bar and oh my God, this definitely was her best bikini and she looked stunning in it.  “Can you see how calm the water is compared to home,” Kali said.  “I’m gonna go in, come with me”.  They only went in up to their thighs.  It was warm for December.  After a while they walked to the little restaurant, Cosentino’s and ordered lunch.  Kali said, “Remember that little restaurant where we had our Christmas dinner.  I thought I would be sad but it so nice and simple.  Now it’s time for you to meet my parents, you know I don’t have any siblings.”  “We’ll set it up,” Louis said.  Then Kali said “We should do it at your restaurant so they can meet your parents and grandpa from Morro Bay and grandma mama too”.  “Well have to invite my mom’s parents grandpa and grandma Tricarico too,” Louis said.  “They were a little upset that they weren’t invited last time.”  “Then it’s settled,” Kali said and they had lunch.

Kali In A Bikini At The Beach In Naples.jpg

Now, Let's Take A Look At Promiscuous Kali (Kali Two)

Kali In Luigi's Restaurant In A Tight Short Miniskirt.jpg

Louis walked into the kitchen and his dad said “You here with Kali?”  “Yea” Louis said.  “Hey Carlos” Dad said “You come here and see my boy’s new girl”.  So they all went out and looked into the dining room.  “God damn Louie” Carlos said “She is fucking beautiful”.  “Girls no look like that I was boy” Dad said as he left for the bar.  Louis and Carlos went back into the kitchen “My God Louie, she is stunningly gorgeous” Carlos said “Where did you find her?”  “She found me” Louis said “She had a dream about me and the restaurant and just showed up here.  Trust me, it’s complicated”.


As Louis was in the kitchen talking to Carlos, his dad came back from the bar.  “Hey Hugo” Carlos called out “Guess what your son just told me?”  “What he tell you?” Dad asked.  “That beautiful gorgeous creature gave your son a full service blowjob.”  Dad put his hand over his heart and exclaimed “Madona Mia!  I’m a gonna have the heart attack!”  Louis and Carlos just laughed.  “What the hell’s going on in here?!” Mom exclaimed as she walked in.  “It’s a man stuff,” Dad said.  “Man stuff va fanculo” Mom said “What did you have sex with that pretty girl you were here with today?”  “Well, a form of sex,” Carlos said.  “Oh,” Mom said, “You get the blowjob.”  Everyone was quiet for a few seconds, and then they all just busted up.  “Fanculo!” Mom exclaimed as she stormed out of the kitchen.  Louis, Carlos and Dad just kept laughing and then Dad exclaimed, "That was a so God damna funny."


Louis went back out to the the dining room.  Kali was sitting there with Angelina so Louis sat down.  Kali said, “Angelina was just telling me all about your little crush you used to have on her.”  “What I told Kali,” Angelina said, “Was that you were the only one to show some class, unlike that lunatic Carlos in the kitchen.  Well I’ll leave you guys alone now and check on your order,” and Angelina got up and went into the kitchen.  Then Louis told Kali about what his mom said in the kitchen and she absolutely laughed her ass off and exclaimed, "Wait, she actually said 'You get the blowjob'.  Fucking shit, that is just too God damn funny."


“I’ll bet your really cute with a buzz,” Louis said.  “And horny,” Kali added and Louis laughed.  Kali took a bite of cheese pizza and said, “Shut the front door.  This is New York pizza, in Fresno.  You can’t get this anywhere in the city, in the state, in this part of the country, ok you can’t get this anywhere except in New York City.  It’s fucking great.  Ok, now the combo,” and she took a bite, “Holy shit, this is good pizza,” and Kali poured herself more Merlot.  “I’m sorry about my potty mouth,” Kali said.  “I’m just a potty mouthed and way too used little slut girl.  I’m so used you can’t even get a warranty on me,” and they both cracked up.  “You’re a wonderfully bright and beautiful young woman,” Louis said, “Who I really, really, well, more than like”.  “You mean love” Kali said.  “Well” Louis said “It’s definitely falling that way.”  And Kali lunged over the table and kissed Louis hard and long.  Louis could see Carlos and dad from the kitchen area smiling at us like “Atta boy!”, and giving me the thumbs up.


Then Kali said “Well I’m definitely falling that way too”.  “You know about your potty mouth, which I think is cute by the way,” Louis said.  “You can always do what I do.  When you’re around other people, just cuss in Italian.”  “Ok,” Kali said, “Give me your best one.”  Louis said, “Well In Italian ‘Fuck you’ is ‘Va fanculo’ but most Italians say ‘Fanculo’ which is generally pronounced ‘Fungulo’.”  “Fungulo!” Kali exclaimed and giggled.  Dad was right behind Kali and said, “Luigi, what you teach this sweet young girl.”  “It’s ok,” Kali said “I asked him to”.  “You want I should wrap the pizza for you?” dad asked.  “Yea, thanks pop,” Louis said.  “Wow,” Kali said.  “I just learned two significant things.  Luigi is Italian for Louis, and you call your dad pop.”  “I sometimes call him pop,” Louis said “It’s short for papa.  And yes my name is Luigi after my grandpa but I go by Louis.”  Kali poured the last of her wine from her half carafe and said while giggling, “I have a little buzz.  I think I’ll call you Luigi from now on.”  “I don’t think so,” Louis said.  And then silence.  And then Kali looked up at Louis, smiled and said, “Luigi.”

Luigi's Cheese & Tomatoes Pizza

Luigi's Cheese & Tomatoes Pizza.jpg

Luigi's Special Combination Pizza

Luigi's Special Combination Pizza.jpg
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They got in the door and Kali got some plates and they sat down at the table.  Kali opened the bag and started putting stuff out saying, “There’s extra.”  Louis said, “I ordered me a steak sandwich too and I made us a couple of salads and garlic cheese bread.”  “What kind of dressing?” Kali asked.  “I wasn’t thinking.” Louis said.  “I automatically got Roquefort.”  “Never tried it,” Kali said “It all sounds so good.”  “Also we have meat sauce for dipping the garlic cheese bread, and Fresno chilies to go with the sandwich and my mom’s homemade Tiramisu,” Louis added.  “Wow, so your like full Italian?” Kali asked.  “One hundred percent,” Louis answered.  “My dad was born in Italy and lived there until he was sixteen.”  “So that makes you first generation in America,” Kali said.  “Very good,” Louis complemented and they started eating.


“I like this Roquefort,” Kali said.  “And this garlic cheese bread is very good dipped in the meat sauce.  Then Kali went for her sandwich and Louis asked, “Do you like chilies.  These are our home cured Fresno chilies and they go great with the sandwich but, there very hot so if you try one, go easy.”  Kali took a bite of the sandwich and a big bite of a Fresno chili and, “Oh my God,” Kali said.  “I’ve never tasted anything like this, it’s delicious.  And those peppers are hot.”  Kali thought, “Note to self: Never eat these peppers if you’re gonna have a night of heavy sex.”  Then after lunch, the Tiramisu.  “God this Tiramisu is unbelievable,” Kali blurted out.  “Oh God, your family really knows how to cook.”


After they finished, Kali cleaned up and put the leftovers away and they went and sat on the couch and Kali told Louis everything about her dreams.  “So you saw me and you with red hair in my car in a dream,” Louis said.  “Yes,” Kali said.  “And by the way, my natural hair color is red.  “But your hair is dark brown,” Louis said.  “Right,” Kali said.  “It’s temporary color, it washes out.  I was doing this whole incognito thing at your restaurant today in case you had a girlfriend that looked like me.  See here’s a picture of me with my natural red hair,” and she handed him a picture.  Louis looked at it and stood up pale as a ghost, “I remember now,” he said.  “This girl, you were in my dream.  That’s why back at the restaurant when I saw your fake ID, the name Kali was so familiar.  You’re the girl in my dream, her name was Kali.  And the dream was so real.  I dreamt that we went to Italy together and got married.  How can that be?”  “Oh my God what is happening,” Kali said.  “I had that same dream only when I was there, it was my reality, and my life here was the dream.”  Then Kali said, "Wait a minute, fake ID?  You served me wine.”  “It’s a very good fake,” Louis said.  “You just get pretty good at spotting the fakes in my business.  And I served you wine because it was a very good fake ID.  That and you, you’re just so damn pretty.”  “Thank you,” Kali smiled and said.

“Oh God,” Kali said.  “I think I may have an explanation, but it’s out there.  You see I’m a science major in college and right now were studying physics.  There is something called the multiverse theory in which our universe is not the only one.  It states that many universes exist parallel to each other.  These distinct universes within the multiverse are called parallel universes or alternate universes in which we ourselves most likely exist in either a very similar way, or a very different way.  There are actually some physicists that believe it.  But there is of course no proof.”  “You mean proof like these dreams we are having,” Louis said.  “Oh my God, it’s so hard to wrap your head around it.”


“Well,” Louis said as he got up, “I am gonna do my own research on it.”  “You’re not gonna go are you,” Kali said “We may be married in an alternate universe.  Don’t you at least want to get to know me?”  “Of course,” Louis said and he sat back down.  “I’m gonna get cleaned up,” Kali said “I need to get this stuff out of my hair.  Don’t worry, I’m fast.  I’ll be right back” and she got up and went into her master bedroom bathroom.


When Kali went back out Louis really looked at her and he thought, “Oh my God she’s wearing her black leather jacket, and nothing else.  And that incredible red hair, my God how could a girl that looks like that possibly want me.”  “Miss me?” Kali said as she sat down.  Then she leaned in and started kissing Louis.  Louis thought, “God she tastes good.”  Then she did stuff to Louis that he just could not believe.  Afterwards Louis exclaimed, “Oh my God!  What was that, I mean I know what it was, but how did you…  Ok, I’m gonna shut up now.”  Kali looked at him and smiled and said, “It was magic.”  “Well,” Louis said, “I’ve never experienced anything even close to what just happened.  Pop would be so proud.”

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And Finally, We'll Look At Adorable Kali, the Favorite (Kali Three)

Madison In The Pool.jpg
Kali In The Pool.jpg

Kali came out of the school pool with her stunning red hair in her tiny little bikini.  It was hard to believe she was only sixteen the way she was showing off her outrageously gorgeous and curvy body.  She was the envy of every girl at the school.  The envy of all but one, Madison, the one whom she belongs to.  Kali went over to Madison and sat down with her legs in the pool and said, “Hello lover.”  Since Madison’s father, professor Kaiser approved of them, they didn’t give two shits for who knew about them at the school.  Madison jumped out, sat by Kali and gave her a soft gentle kiss.  But Kali wanted to play so she pulled Maddi back in the pool and started a good old fashioned water fight.  They played for a while and then got out of the pool, dried off and then headed back inside to Madison’s room.

Kali In A Bikini Wrap At The Beach In Naples.jpg

Kali in a Bikini Wrap at The Beach 

Kali And Madison In Bed.jpg

Madison said, “So, you wanna go to bed.”  “Sure,” Kali said.  They stood up and Madison opened Kali’s robe, put her hands on her breasts and kissed her softly and then they went to bed.  “Goodnight Kali,” Madison said.  “Goodnight Maddi,” Kali said.

Scary Ass Storm.jpg
Madison With Her Legs Crossed.jpg

As Kali walked from professor Kaiser’s main class when everything seemed to get darker.  Then she heard thunder.  “This time of year?” Kali thought.  She went to a window and saw this huge dreary gray cloud hovering over, over everything and there was thunder and lightning coming from it.  “What the hell” Kali said to herself.  Then in an instant the huge dreary gray cloud just, it just vanished.  “No fucking way!” Kali softly exclaimed.


“Yea I saw it, and heard it” Madison said “You saw it too?”  “Yea” Kali said “But no one else seems to have seen it”.  Madison said “My dad says it was probably caused by flashbacks from my marijuana years in high school”.  “Well I’ve never smoked marijuana” Kali said “And I know what I saw”.  “Well let’s not worry about it” Madison said.  “Maddi?” Kali said “I’ve got a weird feeling about this.  I think I’m just gonna go take a nap”  “Ok sweetness” Maddi said “I’ll join you”.  And they both got in bed…  And then Kali woke up alone in this dark place.


“Hello?” Kali called out “Is there anyone there?”  Then she thought “Where the hell was I?  I see nothing but darkness.  Shit, did I die and go to hell?”  And then Kali heard “Kali, is that you?”  It was Madison.  “Maddi?” Kali called to her.  Oh thank God” and Kali ran to her.  “Where the fuck are we?” Madison asked.  “I was hoping you could tell me” Kali said.  And then things cleared up a little and they saw that they were the parking lot of a restaurant, “Luigi’s?”.  “Should we go in?” Kali asked.  “I guess so” Madison said and they both went in.


They were in an entry and could go into the bar, or the restaurant.  Kali headed into the bar and Madison followed.  Kali noticed the bartender was cute, “But wait” she thought “Oh God no, it’s him”.  Then she looked at the customers, four of them.  “What the fuck!” Kali exclaimed and Madison gasped.  They walked closer and they too looked at Kali and Madison in disbelief.  There were two Kali’s and two more of the bartender.  “Who are you people?” Kali asked.  “Well” sweet Kali said “Well, we are sort of you”.


“Sweetie” promiscuous Kali said “Have you ever heard of an alternate universe?”  “Well yea” adorable Kali said “On Star Trek”.  “Well” promiscuous Kali went on “They really do exist and we are from three different alternate realities”.  “No fucking way” adorable Kali said.  “Yea” promiscuous Kali said “Those were my exact words when I first experienced it”.  “So, we’re three different versions of ourselves” adorable Kali said “Oh God, my fucking head is going to explode!” and adorable Kali and Madison sat down with them.  “Yea, my words too” promiscuous Kali said.  “Wait” adorable Kali said “My dream.  You guys were in…”  Promiscuous Kali cut her off “We were all in your dream, right?”  “But one of you was dead in a bathtub” adorable Kali said.  “You saw that too” sweet Kali said “It seems that a Kali committed suicide and I had to live through it inside of her.  It really fucked me up”.  “Sweet Kali saying fuck!?” promiscuous Kali exclaimed “And what the fuck you say, a Kali killed herself!”  “I don’t know what else to tell you” sweet Kali said.  “Where are we?” adorable Kali asked “What is this restaurant?”  “That would be our restaurant” both Louis’ said.  “And who are you?” adorable Kali asked.  “Well I’m Louis, my Kali’s boyfriend.  And that’s also Louis, his Kali’s husband”.  “So where’s your Louis?” promiscuous Kali asked.  “I think she is this Kali’s Louis” sweet Kali said “I saw both of them in my dream too”.  “Hi, I’m Madison” Madison said.


Sweet Kali asked adorable Kali “How old are you?”  adorable Kali answered “I’m sixteen”.  “Sixteen?  Wow!” sweet Kali said “Well I’m twenty five and that Kali is nineteen”.  And promiscuous Kali smiled at adorable Kali and then said “And my Louis is also nineteen and her Louis is twenty one”.  “Well” Madison said “I’m eighteen and in love with my Kali” and Kali kissed Maddi.  Both Louis’ looked uncomfortable.  They were talking about sex and adorable Kali said “I’ve done stuff, lots in high school, but I am still a virgin, sort of, I think.  I always say ‘I’m a little slut that wants to stay a virgin for now’.  Can you believe it?  That’s why now I’m in a private disciplinary school now.  I’m trying to get my shit together.  And that’s where I met Maddi, my professor’s father.  And yes, he’s fine with me and Maddi being together.  We both like boys too.  I didn’t even know I could feel this way about a girl until I met Maddi.  But I’m so happy and I love Maddi”.


Promiscuous Kali said “Let me guess.  Your best friend Jennae talked you into doing stuff with that boy Matt”.  “Yea” adorable Kali said “And then I kinda went little crazy after that.  The same thing happened to you?”  “Yea” promiscuous Kali said “But I did more than go on an oral sex binge.  I’ve been with over a hundred boys and men.  Definitely not a virgin.  I did around twenty guys in just one night at an orgy party”.  “What about you other Kali?” adorable Kali asked.  “No” promiscuous Kali went on “She’s the good one.  She said ‘No’ to Jennae and they are no longer friends.  I love my Jennae and me and her are room mates.  I really respect our other Kali though.  I call her “Sweet Kali” because she’s only been with three men.  And one of them is her husband, Louis.  She doesn’t curse either, well except for tonight.  She a science and physics college professor and she’s also the star of her own TV news show”.  “I take science and physics classes and plan on majoring in science and physics in college” adorable Kali said.  “That’s what I’m taking in college too” promiscuous Kali said “And hopefully we’re like sweet Kali.  She did her bachelors and masters in four years”.  “So we’re all smart, we’ve all got good brains” adorable Kali said.

“Ok!” sweet Kali exclaimed “Enough!  We need to figure out what the heck we’re doing here”.  “Maybe the bartender knows” adorable Kali said.  “Oh that’s fake Louis” sweet Kali said “He’s not human.  He’s an otherworldly spirit person whom I call fake Louis, because he chooses to take the form of Louis.  He hasn’t said anything yet”.  “That’s because I wanted to let you all get to know each other first” fake Louis said as he walked over to them.  I work for God, well sort of,” fake Louis said.  “Why don’t you just ask him what’s going on?” adorable Kali asked.  “Ask God?” fake Louis replied “I’m afraid it just doesn’t work like that, Kali three.  Besides I know what is going on here.”  “Kali three?” Kali questioned.  “Yes” fake Louis started to answer “To keep the confusion down I’ll be renaming you, sort of.  My Kali, the one you referred to as ‘Sweet Kali’, and she is sweet, will be ‘Kali one’ and her husband will be ‘Louis one’.  The little tramp here will be designated ‘Kali two’ and her boyfriend will be ‘Louis two’”.  “Hey, excuse me!” promiscuous Kali exclaimed “Little tramp?”  Fake Louis continued “And you my sweet dear here will be ‘Kali three’.  Oh and the lovely Madison here, she requires no name change”.

Kali In A Dark Place In Her Nightmare.jpg

“Anyhow, back to what is going on,” fake Louis said.  “It seems that you three Kali’s are the trifecta, the three winners, the top three Kali’s in all the universes.  And someone or something wants to see you, that is all three of you, go down.  We just have to figure out who, and why.  I have pictures of all three Kali’s up on my TV screen as you can see.  I tried to make each picture match each Kali’s personality.  I was going to use this one for Kali two but everyone else voted against me,” and fake Louis showed a picture of Kali two having sex with three men at once on the TV for about ten seconds before reverting back to the other picture of all three Kali’s.  “You don’t like me very much, do you,” Kali two said.  “Nonsense,” fake Louis said.  “I love all three of my Kali’s extremely, but in my own way.”  “That’s a huge compliment coming from him, trust me,” Kali one said.  “Now before we went off on this tangent, you said that someone wants to see all three of us to go down.  And by ‘Go down’ I guess you mean dead.  But why, we’ve never done anything to hurt anyone.”  “Well,” fake Louis said, “All three of you have successfully found your soul mates, one of you with help from yours truly.  Someone just doesn’t like that.  I still have to verify Kali’s two and three actually have met their soul mates though, but I would think they have or none of this would be happening.”


“Satan” Kali two said “It’s got to be Satan”.  “One would think” fake Louis said “But doubtful.  He has quite a lot on his plate these days.  With his whole trying to orchestrate the end of the world thing and all”.  “Who’s world?” Kali three asked.  “All of them” fake Louis said “But you need not worry”.  “Why not?” Madison asked.  “Do you think anyone or anything can go up against God and win” fake Louis said “He will never let anything harm his Earth.  Any of them.  We all kind of joke that Satan has gone insane, that he has turned into a nut bar and is not in control of his own faculties any longer.  Yes, a nut bar about sums it up”.  “What about God?” Kali three asked “Can’t he help?”  “No” fake Louis answered “I’m afraid he wants us, rather you, all of you to figure this out on our own.  It’s all part of his plan.  You know, mysterious ways and all”.


“So what do we all do now?” Kali one asked.  “You all go back to your respective worlds and try to learn whatever you can” fake Louis advised “And when you all have something, I’ve arranged it so that we can all meet again.  Now the others brought you all here, they even brought me here.  My way of sending you back is a little bumpier.  I apologize in advance.  Till we meet again” and fake Louis vanished.  Suddenly something started pulling them backwards.  Everybody else was getting smaller and smaller until they were all gone and they twisted around in a nightmarish vortex until they all woke up in their homes.  Kali three woke up in bed next to Madison.  They both jumped up at the same time.  “That all really did just happen” Kali said “Didn’t it?”  “Oh my God!” Madison exclaimed “That was a fucking trip!”  “What do we do now?” Kali asked “We talk to my father” Madison answered.  “You think he’ll believe us?” Kali asked.  “Yea” Madison said “He really believes in this kind of shit”.

Kali & Madison.jpg

“We all have to focus on why the three universes converged are fading out of existence, Kali said.  “Obviously it’s tied in with the four minute and fifty-one second time frame which was created as the time frame between death and true death or ceasing to exist.  So obviously…”  “Obviously we fucked something up when we used the gizmo to get Kali one back,” Madison interrupted.  “And the only thing we did incorrectly was in trying to send ourselves to two different points in time and space trying to reach essentially the same Kali,” Kali said.  “Thus possibly causing a tear in not only our space-time continuum, but the space-time continuum of the other two universes we were in sync with.  The quantum fluctuation of particles and anti-particles colliding with themselves are in fact destroying themselves.  This is probably creating an unnatural fluctuation in the vacuum that is pulling our three universes together and will eventually obliterate this three in one universe.”  The three scientists just stared at Kali, and Madison smiled and said, “Yea, she does have that one hundred and eighty eight IQ genius thing going on.”

Ok, That's All You Get.  If you want more, you'll just have to wait for the new edition.  And believe me, this was just the tip of the iceberg.  See below for the brand new story I just began.  It's currently called 'The Haunting Of Kali And Madison'.

The Haunting Of Kali And Madison (Mosaic).jpg

Chapter One – Off To Merrie Old England


“I just inherited a house,” Madison said to Kali holding a letter.  “Inherited?” Kali asked, “from who?”  “Well, apparently I have, or had a great uncle, a Willoughby Graham Atkinson from Leicester, England.  Oh it’s not a house, it’s a mansion called Atkinson Hall, a Queen Anne-style architecture.  I’ve got to ask Dad about this,” and Madison and Kali rushed off to her dad’s office.


“Willoughby Graham Atkinson from Leicester, England,” Professor Kaiser said.  “He was your mother’s uncle, kind of a creepy guy.”  “Oh I gotta go,” Madison said, “you in Kali?”  “Oh hell yea,” Kali said.  “Well we’re between semesters and I have some vacation time coming, let’s make it a family outing,” the professor said.  “Well,” Madison said, “I guess we’re off to merry old England.”  “You know,” Kali started, “in Old English the word merry not only meant happy, but it also meant mighty.  An example would be Robin Hood’s merry, or mighty men.  Great Britain was called ‘Merry Old England’ or in the more archaic spelling ‘Merrie Old England’, which was a powerful nation back then.”  “Thank you my little ‘Book O’ Facts’,” Madison said.


Their plane landed at the Nottingham Airport which was 19.6 miles or 31.5 kilometers from Leicester.  “Hey Maddi,” Kali said, “why did you contact fake Louis?”  “You’ll see,” Maddi replied.  They went and picked up their luggage and then Professor Kaiser asked, “Did anyone think to make transportation arrangements?”  “All taken care of,” Madison said.  “Oh no,” Kali said to herself, “she didn’t.”  And then they turned the corner and there it was in a reserved parking stall.  “She did,” Kali said.  “Oh dear God do help us,” the professor said.  And there was Maddi’s Trans Am.  “How the hell are we supposed to fit our luggage in that?” professor said.  “Not to worry,” fake Louis said, “I put all of your luggage into this locked chest.  You simply press this button on the side and now it is small enough to put into your pocket, although I would suggest you not do that.  If the button got pressed accidentally well, I think you get the point.


“Ok, everybody in,” Maddi said and Kali got in the front, and professor and fake Louis got in the back.  “Is that special insurance of yours international?” Professor asked.  “And any realm,” fake Louis added.  And Maddi punched it and in 3.5 seconds they were doing 100 MPH.  “Woo-hoo,” Maddi yelled as Kali sat there stiff as a board and all wide eyed.  Maddi went on, “Fake Louis upgraded my Stage IV 1000 horse power Trans Am to a 455 cubic inch Super Duty 7.5 liter 1,100 horse power Demon.  It can do the quarter mile in 7 seconds,” and Maddi punched it again and they were at 150 MPH.  “This is quite exhilarating,” fake Louis exclaimed with a big smile on his face.  “If you consider shitin’ your pants exhilarating,” professor said.


They came sliding sideways screeching to a stop and landed perfectly at the front door of the mansion.  “And we’re here,” Maddi exclaimed.  Kali and Professor Kaiser couldn’t get the fuck out of that car fast enough.  “That was exhilarating Maddi,” fake Louis exclaimed.  “Oh, I called you Maddi.”  “That’s ok, Maddi said, “I am Maddi when I drive that Trans Am.”  They walked up to the front door and Madison unlocked those huge doors, and the four of them walked into Atkinson Hall.


They looked around the foyer and everything looked very, very old.  There were two curved stairways opposite each other that led to the upper floors.  Kali tried the light switch and, no power.  “Ok, no power.  Fake Louis can you…”  “No,” Madison interrupted, “candles will do very nicely and be cool as hell.”  “This is more like God damned creepy as hell,” Kali said.  “More like bad ass,” Madison said.  “I’m with Kali on this one,” professor said, as they ventured upstairs.  Fake Louis had placed lit candles everywhere.  “This first floor is where the bedrooms are,” Madison said.  “Let’s all pick our own out,” and they separated to claim a bedroom.


“This is it, this was my great uncle Willoughby room,” Madison said.  “Ew, why his room?” Kali asked as they entered the room.  “Because I found in my research that he kept hidden treasures in here as well as hidden passages,” Madison said.  “Ok, I’ve seen this movie,” Kali said, “and it doesn’t end well.”  “Oh stop,” Madison said, as she started pulling books from the shelf and moving or turning trinkets.  “What are you doing Maddi?” Kali asked.  “Looking for the secret passage,” Maddi answered.  “Oh brother, Kali said, “you’ve seen too many movies,” and just as she said that a hidden door creaked open.  “Found it,” Maddi whispered.  “Why are we whispering?” Kali whispered back.  “I don’t know,” Maddi whispered as they looked into the doorway.  Then Kali grabbed two candelabras and handed one to Madison.  They dared into the dark hallway and started following it.  “We’re gonna get lost in here,” Kali said.  “Nonsense,” Madison said, “I’ve got an excellent sense of direction.”


Then they came to a fork in the hallway and Madison said, “Why don’t you take one and I’ll take the other.”  “Oh that’s a great idea,” Kali said, “are you fucking crazy, you may have a great sense of direction but I don’t.”  “Ok, we’ll go right,” Madison said, and they went right.  They shortly came back and Madison said, “Ok, dead end.  Let’s go left,” and they went left, several feet in and Madison said, “Damn it, another dead end,” and started pressing on the walls, there must be another secret door,” but found nothing.  “Quick, back to the other dead end,” Madison said.  When they got there Madison said, “Help me look Kali,” and they both started feeling around.  Then Kali felt something click and the wall in front of them slid open, and they saw this huge wooden door in front of them.


“Fuck, that’s gotta be creepy in there,” Kali said.  “I’ll go first, stay close behind me little one,” said Madison as she opened the creaking door.  That was one thing about Madison, she wasn’t scared of any fucking shit.  They slowly ventured into the dark, cold, musty smelling room.  There were lots of books and on the table, “Look,” Madison exclaimed an a loud whisper.  There was a large heavy glass bowl full of solid gold coins.  “We’re fucking rich!” Madison really exclaimed this time.  Then they saw another door, “Stay right behind me,” Madison said to Kali as she opened the door.  They stepped through and looked down and Kali said, “Looks like a freaking stairway down to hell.”  “Shall we,” Madison said, and they started down the long narrow stairway.


When they finally reached the bottom, another big door but this one was solid steel.  Madison pressed a button next to the door and it slid open.  They went in and Kali found a switch and flipped it and lights came on.  “Where’s the power coming from?” Kali asked.  “You’ve seen it in the movies,” Madison replied.  “Those old creepy mansions always have their own local power supply in their creepiest of places, like dungeons and strange ass laboratories like this one.”  What is this place?” Kali asked, and just as she said that a dark figure flew past them back through the entrance and ran up the stairs.  “What or who the fuck was that,” Kali exclaimed.  “I don’t know,” Madison said, “but I say it’s time we get back to my dad and fake Louis so we can also check this place out together and under the protection of our own personal angel.”

Sweet Kali (Kali One)

Kali (1)_sm.jpg

Promiscuous Kali (Kali Two)

Kali (2)_sm.jpg

Adorable Kali (Kali Three)

Kali (3)_sm.jpg

Do watch as Kali transforms into her evil heart of nature.

The Progression Of Kali�s New Evil Nature.gif